Off The Bees - Sparrow Knox

British phenomenon Sparrow Knox hands down one of the best snowboarder from the UK. The Banging Bees boys joined him in January in Laax, the place where Sparrow rode a mountain for the first time, 13 years ago. From his debut on dry slope, to his exotic snowboard trips with Niels Schack and his fatherhood, here is everything you need to know about Sparrow.

Supported by Vans

Produced by BangingBees

Filming and editing: Justin Dutilh

Archive footage: Sparrow Knox, Theo Muse, Jerome Tanon, Tim Schiphorst, Tobbe Tiusanen, Joe Allen, Alex Weir, Onboard, Sam MacMahon, Julien Haricot

Producer: Julien Mounier

Translation: Justin Dutilh

Guest riders: Will Smith, Niels Schack, Jake Simpson

Music in order of appearance:
Phil Ranelin He The One - We all knew
Wendell Hall - Easy goin
Kyriakos Sfestas - Gypsy Pattern
Niels Schack - Cities
Thanks: Laax & Riders Hotel
Special thanks to Niels Schack