"Re Main" Eric Roigé Video Part

"RE MAIN" is a street part by Eric Roigé and directed by Albert Pereira. This is the story of a group of friends who went out in search of new dreams. Every day an adventure, a hope, a goal that would lead to perseverance, hope, effort, sadness, failure, achievement and happiness. This video takes place in the territory of Andorra, the French and Spanish Cerdanya. It is the result of 4 years recording taking advantage of the few snowfalls that we have in the territory.

It also features Aleix Calderon, Xavi Rodriguez, Adan Baserba, Borja Serda, Marc Teixido, Victor Lozano and Nestor Navajas.

Along with the video comes a mini Fanzine "Re Main" where all the adventures are relived. you can get to know personal aspects of the riders and be put in their shoes behind the camera or in front of it fighting for that impossible trick. This fanzine can be found at https://www.albertpereira.es/fanzine/ for a symbolic price to help continue producing these projects.