Rome SDS - All Ways Down: Minnesota Madness

The Rome Snowboards boys headed out to the parks and streets of Minnesota, here's what they have to say about it... "First and foremost, YES we know that Trollhaugen is in Wisconsin. Since we only spent one afternoon there we opted to call this edit Minnesota Madness. Mostly because when you spend a week in Minnesota you really synch up with the Minnesota vibe and, dontchaknow, it’s a very, very strong vibe. The Land of 10,000 Lakes is also home to 10,000 incredibly talented and genuine boarders who were more than down to share the ropes, parks and streets with us. With the help of local spotheads Brandon Kirkland and Trapzilla, we imported Vermonter Max Lyons, and Utah HotBoi Jeff Hopkins to see what kind of trouble we could get into. Survey says: ‘Minnesota rips so fucking hard.’"

Filming on location at Hyland Hills, Elm Creek, Trollhaugen Troll, and the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul.