Salomon Snowboards Welcome Sven Thorgren!

Today, Salomon Snowboards welcomes Sven Thorgren to the Global Pro Team. An organic connection arose between Salomon and Sven, and they welcomed the opportunity with open arms.

"Priority number one was ensuring that Sven was happy with product before we made any steps toward making it official. It turns out, not only did he really like the product, but many of his favorite snowboarders are current Salomon riders. Sven brings a fresh personality, and insane work ethic, and a unique set of skills to our team. We got a glimpse of this while working with him and Kuske on the ‘WELCOME’ edit, and we’re very excited for what the future holds. We’re looking forward to working with Sven on new video projects, product development, and rounding out a team that’s already filled with so much talent and character." - Salomon Snowboards

“New magic wand! I’m excited to take this step in my career with more opportunities and also I’m low key fan of the whole Salomon team and especially riders like Louif and Tommy. So really proud to join the team and hopefully a lot of good times ahead!” - Sven 

Welocome edit by Kuske.