"Showdown is Delated" a short film from Russia

Before the war, there was snowboarding. This short film depicts the efforts of three Russian snowboarders that just wanted to ride and film in the streets. When the war started they had to call time on their project as there were greater things to focus on and to be concerned about. For what it's worth we appreciate what they managed to put together and pull together into this video. So click play and enjoy something positive to come from Russia in 2022.

Arseny Chegarovsky 
Timofey Stryukov
Danil Makarov

Stereolab - Lo Boob Oscillator
Hurlenoir - Maria 

Arseny Chegarovsky 
Timofey Stryukov
Danil Makarov
Anastasia Chesnokova

Arseny Chegarovsky

Kirill Ostapets

Special thanks:
Mark Teymurov
Egor Chebanov
Nikita Sekh
Vans Russia
Decade Clothes
Joint Snowboards
Fanatic Snowboards