SIXTH SENSE - Full video

The Escape Video just released their latest banging video! It's their sixth video to date, it's called "Sixth Sense" and we're starting to think that they really have a sixth sense to find rad spot and film insane clips on them...

Created by Lou Staub

Riders: Martin Lässer, Gian Sutter, Florian Fischer, Dario Burch, Elio Fumagalli, Finn Westbury, Kevin Ignacia, Amon Eisenmann, Pierrot Scafidi, Livia Tanno, Tatu Toivanen and Lou Staub.

Filmed by: Lou Staub, Lionel Simon & Wietse Thomas

Supported by: Laax, Doodah, Vans, Salomon, Rome SDS, K2, Ride