SoapBar Wax - COLDSEAL Movie

Coming straight out of the United Kingdom, but filmed in Finland...where there is actually snow in the streets for more that one day a year, this is the newly collected SoapBar Wax team. Coordinated by true UK shred OG John Weatherley aka Feesh, the riders headed out on street missions to Kuopio and Jyvaskyla for a total of only about 6 weeks to film the full (short) movie inbetween everyone's day jobs or school back in the UK. Just have a watch, because this doesn't look like some part time production, the boys slay it!

Charlie Kemp
Omari Gordon
Leo Fordham
Calum Paton
John Weatherley
Charlie Quinn
Connor Carey
Angus Leith
Andy Nudds

Filmed and edited by Jamie Durham
Additional Filmer - Greg Lindley