Stuntwood Session 2022 at Falu Snowpark

A couple weeks back the Stuntwood Session went off at Falu Snowpark with a killer set up of hips, bowls, whoops and berms and a ton of riders that came to shred it! Check out the video recap and a selection of photos below by Alex Roberts and Bernstal. But first, here's a litle letter from the one and only Len “Lenny Powers” R Jørgensen.

You know you’re pumped just by the name of it. Doing stunts, burning wood and having a great session. Isn’t that really what life’s about? 

These great gatherings of boarders has to the main reason why we all love snowboarding. Here you have the epitome of Swedish boarding. 

Falu Snowpark and crew put together this insane rollercoaster of a trail. From woopdiwoops to volcanos, giant boobs and Hip extravaganza. Add 300 shredders with different style and line choice. You’re in for a treat all day. Tons of inspiration hittin left, right and center. 

I even spotted a tiny little human that was not older then the season in a mix with some old farts and dinosaurs. An event were these collide must be something really special. Big thank you Salle, Max and Zebbe for keeping the culture alive. 

Much love

Len Jørgensen


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