The Cold War - Snowboarders Vs Snowmobilers

The Out of Service people got pretty inspired for this one... Enjoy what the crew came up with this South Park Parody edit that ended up winning the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival 'Intersection' event. The clip was shot and edited in only 12 days. 

Warning: there's some heavy boarding and some crazy sledding involved in there...

• Ryan Paterson 
• Geoff Brown
• Keenan Filmer
• Tyler Morton 
• Jordan Phillips 
• Craig Gouweloos 

• Curtis Gage 
• Andy Messner 
• Cody McNolty
• Andrew Munster 
• Jared Aresh 
• BJ Marcoux

• Vanessa Chan 
• Elliot Dionne 
• Craig Gouweloos 
• Rusty Ockenden 
• The Out of Service Bro Cam crew

FPV drone 
• Braden Dean 

• Vanessa Chan 
• Spencer Craig 

• Liam Fowler 

Graphic Animation 
• Geoff Brown 

Characters Designed by
• Geoff Brown 
• Vanessa Chan 

Written and Produced by 
• Geoff Brown 
With support from Robjn Taylor, Vanessa Chan, Liam Fowler, Ryan Kenny.