The Crap Show 2023 #2 LAAX

The Laax scene is definitely on fire right now! Check the latest Crap Show for proof of it...

From the crew itself : "It’s supposed to be easy, right? But it’s not. Senna calls it right at the start of this clip.
Yet the boys & girls in this new episode of The Crap Show make it look effortless. Rail slaying & airtime. We’ve got it all covered in episode 2!"

Riders: Senna Van Drunen, Zoltán Strcuľa, Øyvind Kirkhus Max Bärtsch, Hrund Hanna Thor, Emily Rothney, Moritz Boll, Moritz Thönen

Filmed by Blume, Mathias Wittwer, Nina Refondini & Luca Hebling
Edited by Blume

Music: Katori Walker - RNA  ||  Iso Indies - Back In My Bag, Again  ||  Tigerblood Jewel - Hang On Tight