The Crap Show 24 #3

The third episode of the 2024 Crap show gathered a pretty big crew for our very own viewing pleasure!

Elias has the honor to open the curtains and immediately sets the bar high. 
Big airs in the superpipe, steezy grabs on the jumps and some powerful jibbing to top things off. This guy rips any terrain!
Mees & Elio keep the show going with some stylish jibs on P60 and funky hits in the minipipe. Wouter & Davide back them up for some good'ol spring-like P60 laps.
Time to add some female flavour to the show... Shirly drops some heavy hits on the jibs while & Ariane floats through the air in style on the proline.
When Nicolas joins the show, you know it's time for some heavy spinning. Roman backs him up, adding some hot spice to the jumps & a powerful style on the jibs. Zoltan ends the show in style, jibbing his way down to close the curtain.


Riders: Elias Allenspach, Mees Oostdijk, Elio Fumagalli, Wouter Groot, Davide Boggio, Shirly May, Ariane Burri, Nicolas Huber, Roman Dlauh, Zoltán Strcuľa

Filmed & Edited by Blume
Additional filming by Sven Stötzler, Luca Hebing, Lenaig Hemonet & Alina Fuchs