The Simpson Brothers - Combo 3

Jake + Joonas + Joe + Anto = COMBO 3

Two weeks before full lockdown the boys were in their home town of Morzine trying to decide if it was a good idea going abroad. They had no shots for Combo 3 and were starting to get antsy. With each country in Europe following Italy's lead, they decided to stay at home. Joonas Eloranta on the other hand flew down from Finland for 7 days to join in the fun and stack as much as they could before lockdown! Anto Brotto also showed up for the last weekend to squeeze a couple tricks in! 
Wanting to make Combo 3 well rounded Jake and Joe decided mid lockdown to head out into their local forestt, after the snow had melted, to film some weird grass/tree boarding...well what else are you gonna do when you can go more than 100 meters from your front door.

Filmed and edited by The Simpson brothers