The Simpson Brothers - "Mass Culture" Full Movie

This was the first time that the brothers Jake and Joe had filmed and edited their own full length movie. They wanted to go somewhere new, so the two of them and Jacob Roberts ( who’d never ridden street and was super down for a winter of digging and stacking! ) drove to Andorra for a new adventure. They weren’t sure how the spots were or how the snow was gonna be but the valley turned out to be a hidden gem! 

On their trips they were joined by Kasper De Zoete and Sparrow Knox as well as a few mates from the French crew Workers ( Anto Brotto, Marveen Valdent and Clement Caspar). Thye were also lucky enough to join the Soapbar crew ( John Weatherly, Andy Nudds, Angus Leith, and some other UK shredders ) out in Finland for a couple of weeks. Finally it was trip with the Rusty Toothbrush boys to end what was a heavy winter filming and a banging movie to prove it.