The Stinky Movie 2019 - Full Film

In January 2018, Stinky Socks invited 30 of their snowboard family to join them on an adventure in their homeland of Bulgaria. They are now are getting the full Stinky Movie online to celebrate the fourth year since that trip. 
Within the two-week trip, they've traveled across the country, visiting cities, snowboard resorts, and mountain lodges that formed them into who they are right now. 

The Stinky Movie tour screenings took place in over 20 locations worldwide. But if you missed it, here is a chance to watch it.  

Film Info:
An imposing concrete structure connects the earth and the space in this enigmatic short story. Twenty snowboarders are sent on a mysterious mission to the unknown landscapes of Bulgaria. Through their two-week journey in the Stinky Sock's country of origin, they discover the difference between the worlds, leading up to a unique showdown between east and west that results in a mind-bending trek through space and time. 

Andrew Brewer, Jasper Tripp, Marcus Rand, Austin Young, Jessi Blackwell, Jeffy Gabrick, Nick Dirks, Erik Leon, Mark Goodall, Ian Daily, Danny Kern, the GBP crew, Marius Urbonavicius, Jake Schaible, Joonas Eloranta, Aleksi Kemilainen 

Filming crew:
Directed by: Dimo Petkov
Filmed by: Danny Kern, Niko Plakov, Dimo Petkov
Produced: KAMAK FILMS 
Exclusive producer: Hristo Petkov 
Photographers: Mihail Novakov, Danny Kern
Cover art: Dido Peshev // Barehands Society 
Design: Locum Creative