The Uninvited - Full Movie

Jess Kimura presents an all-girls snowboard film, featuring a talented group of up and comers with bigger hearts than budgets. Filmed over the past 2 seasons and mostly self-funded, these ladies are the future of snowboarding.

Featuring: Maria Thomsen, Miyon Yamaguchi, Kennedi Deck, Taylor Elliott, Darrah Reid, Alexa McCarty, Ylfa Runars, Karin Onozaki, Ivika Jurgenson, Laura Munro, Melissa Riitano, Anniina Perhovaara, & Madison Blackley.

Produced, directed, and funded by Jess Kimura
Filming, Editing and art direction by Troy Erickson
Creative direction by Ben Bilocq

With thanks to Capita, Union, and The North Face for trusting in Jess’s vision, and to everyone who believed in the girls enough to help make this project happen.