The Uninvited invitational - Video recap

Jess Kimura did it again with this year's Uninvited Invitational because it was clearly completely insane! So many talented riders came to Boreal for a couple days of pure radical shredding and party boarding! Unfortunately we couldn't make it, but thanks to our collegues at Slush and Justin Meyer, we can all have a glimpse on how it went and realize that this was without a doubt one of the best event of the year!

First: Lauren "Lolo" Derminio
Second: Telma Särkipaju
Third: Egan Wint
Fourth: Jill Perkins
Fifth: Jaylen Hanson

Most creative line: Laura Rogowski
One to watch: Juliette Pelchat
Style Award: Emma Crosby
Most heart: Devi Gupta and Taylor Elliott 
Best trick: Lauren "Lolo" Derminio 
Best bail: Alexa McCarty 

Edited by Justin Meyer

Filmed by: Justin Meyer, Mia Lambson, Cedar Gately, John Blume, Kyle Greene, Cole Pates