Throwback Thursdays: Whiskey 2

The Adventures of Boozy the Clown, part deux! There was a time when snowboarders weren't called "athletes" and no one cared about gold medals or corporate endorsement deals, a time when getting fucked up and doing fucked up shit was snowboarding's true modus operandi, a rawer, less contrived era that makes us feel an unrelenting melancholy about the current state of things. (or maybe we are just old, washed-up assholes...) Either way, the legendary Whiskey videos are like a time-capsule of those glorious years, and we think it's important that the youth of today see things like this, so they can see what makes up snowboarding's DNA, its true heart and soul. We couldn't find a full version of the first movie, so here's Whiskey 2, a smorgasbord of drunken madness, balls out shredding and epic music, featuring Jimmy Halopoff, Alex Chambers, Jason Ellis, the Red Dragons, Chris Nichols, Andy Hetzel, Evan Feen, Chris Brown, Randy Walters, Sean Johnson, Jeff Logan, Mike Crum, Rich Christjan, Savaduch Mohinda, Sean Kearns, Boozy, The Mouse and many more. Enjoy!