Too Hard - YAS QUAIN Full Movie

Too Hard bring you a full length womens street snowboard movie, this is YAS QUAIN! Danyale and the gang have been changing the way we see female riding for some years now, proving that it don't matter, man or woman, if you got 2 legs strapped to your board and you're up for sending it then anything is possible. Lets just face it, these girls are better than you! So enjoy!

Riding from Danyale Patterson, Maria Hilde, Corinne Pasela, Marjorie Couturier, Véronique Desrosiers, Veronika Perfilyeva, Melissa Riitano, Madison Blackley, Fancy Rutherford, Christine Savage, Kayli Hendricks, Jenaya Jenkins, Yurika Takizawa and Eimi Kato.

Edited by Danyale Patterson