Wabi-Sabi - Trailer

Wabi-Sabi is Yevgeny Ivanov’s short action-sports film about a big journey in search of lost beauty, a personal creative path, and the basis backcountry shredding in some big ass mountains.

This is an endless journey in search of new routes in order to find unique paths to ride.

The film shows the incredible nature of the Charyn Canyon and Kamchatka, Lake Kaindy, climbing the wild mountains of the Almaty region and traveling by train along the Trans-Siberian Railway to the very heart of Siberia. Ferry from Vladivostok to Japan, caravans, helicopter expeditions, snowmobiles and even hot-air balloon flights over the Austrian Alps! This is a unique story that will be interesting not only to professional representatives of snowboard culture, but also to ordinary lovers who are inspired by extreme sports.

Director: Evgeny Ivanov.

Project participants: Artyom Teymurov, Evgeny Ivanov, Artyom Sheldovitsky, Maxim Ionov, Konstantin San, Artyom Pichkhadze, Pyotr Ershov, Pyotr Vinokurorv, Johan Rosen and Matteus Lestage.

Camera: Anton Zubkov, Darina Khokhlova, Maxim Lyamenkov, Mikhail Moroz, Vadim Zhulanov, Dmitry Plotnikov, Alexander Dorinov, Erik Nylander and Marcus Ronne.

Installation: Anton Zubkov.

VFX: Pavel Fetisov.

Colorist: Anton Scherbinin.

Graphics: Eugene Mailer.

Music producer: Dmitry Vinokurov - Dj Tactics.

Location: Russia, Kazakhstan, Austria and Japan.