Wasted Youth: The Sequel - Full Movie

From the people who brought you the snowboard movie that YouTube user Jon Tiu called "a wretched pile of dog shit" comes another wildly mediocre snowboard cinema masterpiece.

The movie the New York Times has so far been tight lipped about, WASTED YOUTH: The Sequel, is a raw and gritty look into the lives of the outlaw snowboard crew from Revelstoke. Having made a name for themselves as being tree-burning-cigarette-smoking-whisky-drinking-red-neck snowboarders, they have once again pushed the limits of DIY snowboard film-making, as well as their livers and spousal relationships.

After the success of their first full length snowboard movie, WASTED YOUTH had nowhere to go but down. Fortunately for themselves and their fans they have managed to once again raise the bar on what is considered "decent snowboarding". In terms of liquor-fuelled reckless backcountry behavior, this movie will surely be remembered by someone, somewhere for something; probably not for the snowboarding though.

Keith Martin
Taylor Roberts
Seb Grondin
Chris Boyd
Ben Bilocq
Jess Kimura
Sean Barrett
Johan Rosen
Friends: (Tommi Ollikainen, Samu Mikkonen, Jopi Elooranta, Johan Nordag, Shreddie, Nick Khattar, Twan,
Danger Leblanc, Justin Cahill, Andrew Clark, Karl Jost).