WORMLyFE - Beartrap

We tend to see quite a lot of edits coming out of Bear as the park there is always sick and packed with top talent, but did you know they also hit up the local street spots? There's quite the few spots too! Here is short video of snowboarding in the streets of Big Bear, California.

Featuring: Marius Urbonavicius, Andrew Paine, Tom Bennett, Kyle Chudoba, Stophon Deifer, Justin Mulford, Drayden Gardner, Grant Garges, Bob Abrams, Lucas Magoon, Johnny Miller, Lenny Mazzotti, Jake Schaible, and Robert Toste

Filming/Editing: Kevin Lonergan

Additional filming: Adam Ruzzamenti, Robert Toste, Jake Schaible, Tom Haraden, Hristo and Dimo Petkov