'YO HOMIES stop snoozing' - Full movie

We strongly encourage you to watch the latest movie from the Young  and Savage crew aka YAS. It has a genuine and pure homie vibe that will make you want to board with your friends instantly!

Words from the crew: "We didn't make a specific plan on how and where we want to film the new movie, but decided that we would staying out of the park. We simply went with the flow, adjusting our sessions based on how the weather and conditions shaped up. Our main goals? Exploring, building new spots and being creative in the BC.
During the last season our snow conditions were very bad, so Samy and Leonardo went on a very spontaneous trip up north to Svanstein, Sweden. At same time Yanneck got to go on a Nitro team trip to Vorarlberg.
That’s why our film is more like a patchwork of different views we captured over the last two seasons. There isn't a traditional story to follow here. Instead, it's a mix of funny moments, different locations, and roadtrips. The film is about good friends and good times. The main goal is not only to entertain... its about getting people hyped on SNOWBOARDING!"

Filmed by Felix Weise in Germany, Austria and Sweden over the past two season. The riders are Samy Kautner, Leonardo Sitzia, Yanneck Konda, Moritz Amusess an Gabriel Hackenberg.