YUKIGUNI - Snowboarding Short Film

Through the tunnel, into the vast area of snow. 

There is a place not far from Tokyo. An area of unique snow culture. For a snowboarder, it is a place of joy that allows him to leave tracks on top of the white surface that storms coming from the Japan sea create. This place is Snow Country, also known as YUKIGUNI. Follow Antti Autti on his adventure to YUKIGUNI. Beautifully filmed with some mega powness from Antti makes this a very enjoyable watch.

Directed, Filmed and edited by Iisakki Kennilä

Filmed in Minamiuonuma, Japan

Snowboarding by Antti Autti

Produced by Takumi Nagai & Antti Autti

Supported by Minamiuonuma City & Elamysmatkat

Still photography by Jani Kärppä / Kota Collective

Music by Skip Rope by Vuono