Airblaster Ninja Suit


The Airblaster Ninja Suit is the best thing to happen to my life. It's the most radical underwear on the planet and ever since I finally got one I can't take it off. Besides looking like a ninja and staying warm and dry while snowboarding, there are infinite benefits to these manly one-pieces.

For one, you don't have to worry about your ass hanging out of your pants and catching a draft, you are all sealed up! You'll feel like a baby running around in an extra-convenient snuggle suit, but at the same time avoiding crapping your pants like a 2-year old by simply using the zipper poop shoot that let's you drop that deuce anywhere with ease.

Unlike a lot of other thermal underwear, your body temperature is in just the right place, not too cold, not too hot. This applies for all models of Ninja Suits, from the uber-cush Merino wool version to the Sumo suits and the hoodless one too. The 4-way stretch fabric is just dreamy and allows for all sorts of radical over-extended tweakage, as well as fully flared roundhouse kicks.

Over here at Method Mag we are lucky enough to have our headquarters in sunny Barcelona, where we simply prefer to rock our Ninja Suits and nothing else. It's the most liberating thing ever, feels like we are in our birthday suits instead of ninja suits. We recommend hanging out 24/7 in your Ninja Suit to everyone, even if you happen to live in colder climes. So yea, perhaps by the fire after a big powder day or even at the bar enjoying some drinks. Trust us, you will be fighting the ladies off with a ski pole, all the honies love that Ninja action!

Check out this little video where we took out our new ninja suits to the Barcie streets for a test drive.

The best place to get them in Europe is from the good peops at Good Question. Link straight to their selection right here.
TAG in the black merino suit & ADT in the stripe-y number

TAG in the black merino suit & ADT in the stripe-y number

Many styles for all types of Ninjas

Many styles for all types of Ninjas