FL Rail Jam 2012 FINALS RECAP!

So you missed last night's epic finals at the FL Rail Jam, maybe the internet sucks where you live and streaming shit is a no go, maybe you started drinking during the qualis and passed out before the finals, maybe your girlfriend walked in and offered you a wristie... For whatever reason, you are pissed that you missed such an epic event. Well, we got your back (even though you blew it). Here's the full, unedited finals as they were webcast on the livestream. Definitely NSFW (or at least put your headphones on), some pretty crazy stunts went down last night, you gotta check this out!

Overall Winner: Marc Swoboda
2nd Overall: Wojtek Pawlusiak
Best Trick Flat Bar: Halldor Helgason
Best Trick Kink Rail: Ludde Lejkner