Forum Fucks Up Barcelona


So if you haven't heard the Method office is far from the mountains these days, Barcelona is our new off-season home. We are a bit out of the snowboard loop down here so when we heard that Forum were coming through for the Fuck It movie tour we were hyped to meet up with them and see the movie. We didn't want to do the same ol' interview so we took them on a classic Barcie skate lap. They only had an hour in between signings and grooming themselves for the evening's festivities but they weren't half-bad for a bunch of snowboarders.

Take a quick cruise on the skateboard through Barcie with Andreas Wiig, Pat Moore, Daniel Ek, Alek Oestreng, Mario Kappeli and Nic Sauve:

The Spaniards were out in force at Mondo Club, ready to meet the Forum crew, chug raw vodka for free shit, and of course watch the movie.

It was also Nic Sauve's birthday so everyone made some extra noise on what had already been a week straight of premieres and three more to go after BCN.

John Jackson and Nic Sauve getting blurry on the birthday bottles

Me, me, me!

Ek was there fucking around

Fuck It was in the air. John J, Mario Kappelli, Alek Oestreng & Andreas Wiig

...and Fuck It was on the screen

Fuck It boss squad: John J, Pat Moore, Andreas Wiig

Yeah, fuck you too!
Andreas found a balloon made from one of the Fuck It brand condoms that were going around. Andreas told Pat that it had been used.

John Jackson is a giant, or at least his beast of a part makes him seem colossal
Everyone wanted their shit signed by John J

...and their photos taken with him.

Yes, the ladies do love the dreads, at least in Spain they do.

Wiig, on the other hand, just got stickered by the fans

Drunken Masters were there to mash things up while we be gettin irie.

After a rowdy night of cervesas, birthday chupitos, skating, singing, and tracking down Nic's stolen skateboard they called it a night as they still had to face a 15-hour drive north to get to the UK. Good Luck!

Last stops on the Fuck IT tour are this week so get to the premiers if you are in Amsterdam tonight or Munich tomorrow night and go fuck shit up with the Forum heads! Thanks to Verena, Kevin and the rest of the crew for the good times!