Ketchup: Aymeric Tonin


Ayemric Tonin swings a big baguette and beats on poor little mountains with it. We randomly crossed paths with him last season in the hills of bumblefuck nowhere in Greece and slashed up the steep and deep tzatziki side by side. This summer we sat down with this French heavy hitter to see what he has been up to, how well the ankle he mangled is glueing itself back together, and we also asked what's up with the Homies crew and what's on the horizon for him personally.

Salut, Aymeric, what time is it right now where you are? 
11 AM en mi casa!

How is the ankle feeling? Tell us how it happened and what you had to do to fix it.
Yes, my ankle is feeling better but it takes time. I did a lot of physio sessions and worked out especially hard at the gym. I broke my ankle hitting a big gap. It was a pretty sketchy session, with very little snow and really high temps. Basically, I landed on rocks...

Sending it deep at low tide = broken ankle... bummer. Photo by Yanni Pruvost

Sending it deep at low tide = broken ankle... bummer. Photo by Yanni Pruvost

How was the Sonar festival in Barcelona this summer? 
Amazing, I had never gone to a festival that big before and I was surprised to hear the electro sounds. It's not really my style but the Barcelona atmosphere made me change my mind, I had a lot of fun.

Tell us about your experience feta shredding experience in Greece?
I went there with the Nitro team, I never thought I would someday snowboard in Greece. There was a lot of snow, the scenery is beautiful and the Greeks are super friendly.
Back 5 into the Greek yogurt at Vasilitsa! Photo by RSP

Back 5 into the Greek yogurt at Vasilitsa! Photo by RSP

Tzatziki-punch! Photo by RSP

Tzatziki-punch! Photo by RSP

Textbook method! Photo by RSP

Textbook method! Photo by RSP

What is the last thing you ate?
It was just before getting on a plane at 4:00 in the morning so I was drunk, and I ate a delicious fresh Greek yogurt. That stuff is my guilty pleasure.

What was the most ridiculous shit the Protest Joker game made you do last season?
That is easy to answer. The dumbest thing I've ever done in my life is jumping into  Lake Geneva in -20℃. I was pretty scared when I lost the game and pretty happy I survived!

What's up with the Homies? Are we still going to see much more from the crew?
EAAAASSSSSYYYY! (Ed. note: We think that means "for sure!", so stay tuned?)

What was the sketchiest thing you did last year? 
For sure the road gap in Chatel. It was one of those "I might die" spots. There was no room for mistakes. I'll probably remember that session till the day I die. Check out the video.
What mixes well with Aymeric, Gin & Tonin?
No, I prefer Genepi.

What weird passport stamps do you have from the past couple seasons and what new ones might you get this season?
Two years ago, I went to Iran but the snow wasn't that great nor was the situation in the country. I'm hoping to go to Japan this year.

When was the last time you actually ran?
I ran 30 minutes ago... (Ed. note: See what we did there?)

Megaman aerials. Photo by Yanni Pruvost

Megaman aerials. Photo by Yanni Pruvost

When is an appropriate time to use the French expression, "et bim"?
When I see a photo of me published in Method Mag!

What kind of hip hop still gets your head bobbing hard these days?
Here's 2 tracks, Ice Cube - "It Was A Good Day" & The Pharcyde - "Runnin'".
What are your feelings on Sean Paul?
Pffff, dude is a joke.

What is something that filmers always fuck up?
They always forget to bring their avalanche transceivers.
Et bim! Big ol' back 9

Et bim! Big ol' back 9

What is the kind of thing that riders always fuck up?
Nothing, we are the best!

What is an online video clip that you watched a lot recently?
To remind me of some good times, I often watch my first Homies part in 2007.

What is the last thing that made you think, "Fuck, I am so lucky"?
When I am out in my little boat fishing, check the cover shot.

What time is your alarm set for tomorrow?
6:15 AM, to go to work. I am a concierge at a hotel in Geneva.
Ready for take off! Photo by RSP

Ready for take off! Photo by RSP