The Crap Show 2024 - Ep. 4

Buckle up for the fourth instalment of this seasons Crap Show series! This time they got a big crew of heavy hitters lined up, so expect a long episode filled with banging tricks! No more words needed, let the shredding do the talking...

Riders: Mees Oostdijk, Rocco Jamieson, Drayden Gardner, Max De Vries, Cedric Neff, Yung Doli, Patrick Hofmann, Florian Fischer, Oyvind Kirkhus, Sebbe De Buck, Vlad Khadarin

Filmed and edited by Blume 

Music: All In Hand by Jon Keith // Big Boss Energy (with KEEPITPHILTHY) by Jade Josephine // O, It Feels So Good (Instrumental Version) by Par Hagstrom