Lobster Nose Job 2014


Since I'm the biggest art fag on the Method team and still a weekend warrior shredder, the dudes in charge delegated me to play around with the new customizable Lobster Nosejob 2014 board. Finally, all the kids can become men in charge of their dreams and get to play Dr. Surgeon on their babe, I mean board, and shape their deepest desires into reality. Everyone has had that feeling once in a lifetime where they want their board just a little shorter. Now you can do it with a quick nip and tuck!

I spent mad hours on porn sites and the FashionTV channel trying to find inspiration on how I wanted to customize my nose. I won't lie, it was a struggle for me not to cut the nose into a fork or a super sharp harpoon and straight line the whole slope and stab every human road block sitting in the middle of the slope with a helmet and Gopro stuck to it. But, I'm a good boy these days and decided to turn down the testosterone level and take a more peaceful path. My nose job ended up into a proper boob job which I cut out with the help of one of the stencils that comes with the board for all those uncreative kids out there.

The Nose Job is built with a medium stiffness, which let's you cruise in that sweet spot, and gives you perfect buttery presses but still packs some proper alpha male nollie pop. That's what we all search for in good park board, right? I had the opportunity to ride my creation in the wacky mid-January-kinda-spring-feeling winter conditions on some rails. I'm gonna go ahead and claim it, I sucked a lil bit less than usual thanks to the Lobster Nose Job!
Video by Baz Poreba Piotrek
That board sure has some NASA technology. The nose and tail have TBT systems which will help your base stay flat in middle allowing you to get super comfy on all those FS boardsliders. Plus, that TBT forgives more than Jesus Christ. Don't we all deserve a lil' bit of forgiving from time to time on those sloppy in's and out's. You know what I mean?

*Disclamer: Grabbing boob shaped noses on your board will leave you boner-less (tested). You will still have to head out and party and find some real ones to fondle for that desired result.