Sesh Energy Bar


So we got this mysterious box in the mail last week. The anthrax scare was a long time ago and after giving it some thought we didn't think anyone would send us a letter bomb, so we tore it open like a 7-year old at Christmas hoping for exactly what he didn't get. After prying open the envelope we found a black and green box that said "Sesh" across the top, and like a 7-year old at Christmas we screamed, "Awesome!! What is it?"

We popped open the box and through our highly developed empiricism deduced that these were in fact "energy bars". Not the surprise package we usually get. Most times it's another facemask company or a beanie that looks like someone's color-blind grandmother might have knit drunk on gin.
Well shit, Sesh was claiming "energy bar" and it was early at Method HQ (aka 11am) so we chowed down and tried to find their energy-filled centers. We might have missed the energy part though (or maybe we didn't?), because we started power-eating Sesh bars at an eye-watering pace, namely due to their explosive yumminess. We tore into one after another, inhaling them like starved street cats on a fresh bowl of Friskies.

Thomaz keeled over first, and I quickly followed suit...

Too much of a good thing...

Too much of a good thing...

When we awoke from our choco-coma we decided to finally read the package through the peanut butter haze in our eyes. Apparently these things are "loaded with good energy" made from natural ingredients with 322 kcals, including 52 grams of superb quality carbs, guarana to keep you focused and concentrated while crushing shit, L-glutamine to help you keep your muscles hydrated, electrolytes to keep your muscles moving, 6.1g of protein per bar to build muscle, plus there's no nasty additives or artificial flavors. And, icing on the proverbial cake, it won't freeze in the cold!

Turns out we also missed the suggestion on the label to avoid eating more than 2 bars a day, or else they become FAT bars! But it's not a bad idea to bring 1 or 2 with you when billy-goating around for fresh tracks, hiking street rails all day or even shredding your local hill from first chair to last call. Oh, and here's a little pro tip: Bring an extra bar for your buddy because they are fucking delicious and you won't  want to share. Trust us on this one.


Finally "energy" that tastes good and is good for you (as long as you don't eat 10 and lay on the couch all day).

Here's some extra visual stimuli to get pumped to do something AMAZING with a Sesh bar in your belly. Like what? I dunno, like how about running an ultra-marathon blindfolded, or climbing the Himalayas on your hands,  maybe pulling a bus full of children with your teeth, or even sumo wrestle a hippopotamus? Whatever blows your hair back really, just grab yourself some Sesh bars at your local shop or order directly from their site: Now if you'll excuse us, we're gonna go wash some of this chocolate off our faces...