ThirtyTwo TM-Two Boot Scott Stevens


For this week's product review we are going to blast into the future and bring you something from the 2012/2013 season. It's the ThirtyTwo TM-Two boot, Scott Stevens edition! Coincidentally, Scotty rides like he's from the future. The dude needs no introduction. He continuously blows minds and the paradigms of snowboarding to bits. He's not a guy who got known for squeezing in the next rotation on double flips but rather for creating more innovative stunts in snowboarding than anyone in a long time. While on the road with the ThirtyTwo crew, it was impressive not only to see how many dogs Scotty stopped to pet and how good he is at tramp skating, but also how he hit every feature, park after park, with his own vision, like a true artiste. ThirtyTwo is now backing Scotty big time, with his own pro model boot and some signature outerwear. We caught up with him on the road to film some moves, chat about his gear and play some Big Buck Hunter!

You can still get his current TM-Two boot otherwise you are going to have to wait till the first week of Septemeber 2012 to slip your toes into a pair of these futuristic black & yellow puppies!