US Open 2013 Video Recap


Yep, we're a little late with the contest coverage, but hey, nothing new, am I right? Here's all the top three runs in both men and women's slopestyle and pipe contests at the US Open. The main thing we took away from this open was Mumu Hirano CRUSHING the pipe and the slug out between Torstein and this year's WST slopestyle champ, the one and only McLovin! The livestream was also highly entertaining, great job Henry Jackson, Jack Mitrani and assorted guests! First up we've got the fellas in slope:

Followed by the girls:
On Saturday they held pipe in what might be the most perfect U-ditch ever built, Shaun won (what a surprise) but feast your eyes on little Mumu's run. HOLY SHIT!
As usual in the ladies field, Kelly dominated, also taking home the WST Women's Halfpipe Championship title.
All in all it was an incredible first Open at Vail, with tons of fresh pow, amazing slopestyle course and perfectly shaped pipe, good vibes and lots of smiles. Big ups to Burton and Vail for pulling off an amazing event!