WIN The Deeluxe Super Brisse Boots!


Dan Brisse must be an alien from another planet, it's the only way we can explain his superhuman maneuvers on the stunt plastic. I mean, this dude's stronger than a pack of Fisherman's Friends. How strong, you may ask? Brisseburgs leaves bomb holes in concrete after landing closeout rail drops from the third floor without bending his knees, that's how strong. He also allegedly roundhouse-kicked the beard right off Chuck Norris' face. This (super)man definitely needs some boots that can keep up with his XXXL approach to life and that boot is the Deeluxe The Brisse pro model!

There is only one explanation for how these puppies can handle this kind of abuse: extraordinarily advanced technology from a different galaxy! When SuperBrisse was sent to Earth from a planet far, far away, all he brought with him in his spaceship was a pair of these boots. Built with a futuristic C3 technology lacing system with double power straps, a perfectly balanced flex point and some serious wizardry sewn in, it just doesn't get more tech than this. In fact, it is rumored that NASA based their entire program on the Brisse boots during their first experimentations with space-travel technology.

Of course, this superpowered boot does have its "kryptonite": if you’re an ambitious ballet dancer, foot model or rollerblader, The Brisse boot won't help you at all… But all the rest of you aspiring superheroes can now WIN their very own pair of these bad boys, and it's real easy too. Just send us an email telling us what your superpower is, most entertaining entry wins, doesn't get any easier than that! Of course, if you send us a photo of you demonstrating said superpower, it might help your chances. Deadline is Wednesday, November 14, send all entries to:

Up, up and away!

*Cover photo by E-Stone