Zeal Optics HD Goggle


There is no doubt we live in a brave new POV world, all you have to do is look around you when you get on a chairlift — pretty much EVERYONE has some sort of device attached to their helmet/chest/board/pole/hand. I mean, it's totally understandable, we're all the main star in the mega blockbuster hit "My Life - The Movie", the result being semi-wearable, definitely goofy-looking yet very powerful HD cameras becoming essentially ubiquitous.

But the days of looking like the guy up there, with some ungainly contraption strapped to your noggin, are definitely numbered. How do we know this? Well, have a look at the ridiculously tech HD Camera Goggle from Zeal Optics. It literally incorporates a 1080p camera seamlessly into the goggle frame, including a viewfinder on the lens! With the controls also integrated into the frame, you don't even have to take your gloves off to film or shoot photos. I mean, WTF, seriously? Fully wearable HD tech without compromising on style, ease of use or quality of footage, the future is NOW, kids! Check out Zeal team riders Austen Sweetin and Kimmy Fasani getting at it in their Zeal HD's:

It's no wonder Zeal won a Design Excellence award from ISPO this year with these badass goggs, and to celebrate they've upgraded the camera to shoot 12MP photos and 120 fps at 1080 HD (holy shit!), added a temperature gauge and a new graphic user interface to make it easier to share/edit your footage on facebook, Twitter and Insta. Zeal even created their own community for all the HD Goggle users out there to share their edits and photos on.
They don't just give these awards out to anyone, you know

They don't just give these awards out to anyone, you know

And cuz times are kinda tough these days, there is also a lower price point model that doesn't include the in-goggle viewfinder if you think the high-end model's price tag is a little too salty for ya. You can get the full low-down on all the tech shit for both models right HERE.

Like we said, it's a brave new POV world out there, now go get some of that hero footage of your own without looking like a total kook with a camera strapped to your head!