Ero One Premiere Report: Geneva


So last night I went to the world premiere of the new Ero One movie Voilà at the Pulp 68 shop in Geneva. Since I've been down with the whole Ero One crew for a few years now, I was expecting a lot from their new movie, and I have to say I really liked it. It's the kind of snowboard porn you want to watch a few times because there are a lot of details and you don't get bored watching it. Even if the riding level isn't the craziest, I mean don't expect to see 20 different double corks and shit, there's still some sick rail shots and nice backcountry stuff. So if you can make it to one of the upcoming Voilà premieres to see the movie and "make party" with the crew, don't even think about it twice, just GO!

You can check the dates of all the stops on the premiere tour on their site:

Here's a few words from Chris Cunningham, Vince Pages, and Florent Marot. Plus! we got some shots of the movie that we bootlegged for you all to peep.

Chris lookin' sharp and muscular

Florent on the party horn

A picture of the movie. Amazing!

The Ero One crew and their lovely blue tees

They tried to make a pyramid for the photo, but failed

Picture from my crotch's perspective. Ping-pong with Max Delayen and Antoine Baduel

Filmer Julien Roserens and Photographer Remy Bareyat.

Fefe Pellacani and Sam Schaer

Chris Cunningham refilling the party tank

Things ended in the pool. Always good.

Words and photos by Marc Vaudroz