Ketchup: Wojtek Pawlusiak


Wojtek Pawlusiak, or as we like to call him around here "The Polish Bazooka", is a man on the move in snowboarding. Hailing from Poland, where snowboard media is almost nonexistent, he managed to get noticed a few years back and is now one of Burton's fiercest Euro jibbers. Wojtek (pronounced voy-tech) and his deep bag of tricks are now being exported as far as New Zealand and big film projects like Homies have embraced him and his aforementioned big bag. The Bazooka basically blasts year-round on his shred blade, so we wanted to see what he is up to and where he is off to next. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, Wojtek actually talks like this.

Whassup up man, how was last season, did you get out of Poland much?
I would say quite a lot. I was traveling mostly around the Europe but still... A lot of filming in the beginning of the season, a few contests and then I tried to catch some powder but was pretty unlucky with that. :( Then the summer camps: Val Senales with the shitty weather, Dachstein with a perfect rail line and Les2Alpes with shitloads of people... and then NZ, which was sick!

Check Wojtek gettin' to work on the down bar this summer at Les Deux Alpes. Edit by Prendi:

Apres-shred by the pool in Les Deux Alpes this summer

How was filming with the French people for Homies III?
I was pretty stoked that I had an opportunity to shred with them, it was not that much of filming but I spent a early December in France and Switzerland to shred, film and hang out with them! Especially the Advita meeting in Les Diablerets was so much fun! In the middle of the season the guys came to Poland and we did some nice Polish spots. I'm looking forward to watch the movie!!

Backlippin' while still being wary of pedestrians

Tell us something funny that happened filming with the Homies.

With the French people it's always funny, you can't be bored with them!

Does Nico Droz run a tight ship?
Yeah, the ship is pretty tight and the next sail will be fruitful. We will conquer next season!

Wojtek takes the bazooka to the backcountry, corked out FS3 stalefish

How was New Zealand? How is the scene down there in your opinion?

NZ is like a heaven. I couldn't believe it was real! I felt like I was inside a painting or something. Everyday we were going the same way to Snowpark and everyday I was so amazed! The people are shredding hard. You can see so many good riders there, so it's not hard to progress there! I'm definitely coming back next year!

Long-ass FS nosepress, not in New Zealand

Is NZ the farthest you left home and mom's cooking?
Pretty much you can't go further than NZ. I was missing my mom's food so much. The ferg burger is not the meal which I wanna eat everyday, :)

What is some weird stuff that you eat back home?
Weird stuff is for weirdos. I'm not a weirdo. I'm eating normal food mostly. We have a really good food in Poland like Pierogi, Golonka and Barszcz, :)

Check out his home cooked part from last year's Polish production MEP:

Who impresses you these days?

There are a lot of riders who impress me these days! All the new-era guys who are doing weird but creative stuff on the streets. Sick powder lines, huge rock drops and massive gap jumps are always the things which impress me. The level of riding is increasing and it's good to keep up with the times but try to do your own thing on the other hand. That makes you stand out from the rest.

Who said Wojtek can only ride rails? FS 7 lien stomper

Is the narrow stance over or is it just beginning?
Shit man, that's a tight question! Hope I'm not gonna see more narrow stances than now, it looks like a skiing but sideways, :)

Did you ever get that big ass rail from the Poland documentary?
Nah. I'm looking for some big rails all the time but the blue one was just too crazy. If anyone wants to try it I can guide, I can help, I will do my best but that rail is way too gnarly to do again. The spot itself is not friendly and it's easier to die there than to stomp a trick, but I never say never!

Watch Method TV Episode 6 to watch Blickinsefreie's Poland Documentary where Wojtek tries probably the longest front side ever!

Peep a little close-out session Wojtek filmed this season with Will Nangle in Zillertal:

Are any hardway tricks the easy way?
For shizz. Just try the trick and give it your best! It's not that hard anymore, is it?

Do you think trying to live off snowboarding is something you would recommend to others or would you tell them to just soul shred?
I think you always start just with the soul shredding because it's your passion and your love. That's how my career started. But if you can get something out of it, why not?

Wojtek got locked in a cage and he tried to wall ride his way out before the tigers were released

If World War 3 broke out, where would you go hide?

I would stay in my place cause I know this place like my own pocket. I feel safe here in my playground. I'm a born soldier like a Rambo! I have A-Team tactics and a battlefield knowledge. I would defend bravely, stick with me!
Wojtek nosepresses gritty Polish ledges...

...and rusty rails as the local trolls watch from under the bridge. Nosestall to frontboard

Where are you gonna be this season?
I guess I will start the season in France or Switzerland with the Homies crew and try to film something for the new project. I will do some contests meanwhile and as soon as the first snow arrives to Poland I will start to film there. I want to spend some time in Mayrhofen, hopefully catch some pow pow and then I wanna go to Canada and US in early spring. Then back to Europe again in summer. With any luck I will go then to NZ again. I can't stop thinking of that great place!

Wojtek rips a super steamy fart on his snowboard

The locals back home try to race Wojtek while he switch 5-0's down rails. Photo by

Who helps pay your bills and gives you cool free shit?

For that I wanted to say thanks to the Burton for the fuckin' amazing boards, boots and bindings, Red Bull for helping me with the travels and the opportunities which gives me wings, Analog clothing for the design unlikely futures, Anon for the awesome goggles and sunglasses and Nixon watches for watches, so I always know when the time is right, :)


Photos by Yarrek