21 'Grams With Mikey Rencz

Mikey Rencz has been busy crushin' it this season in his backyard in Whistler, filming for the new Burton movie. He is a man of few words, except when he is on the juice, so we didn't bother with an interview. The kid shreds and parties like a champ, basically an all-around badass. This is a recap of his season in 21 Instagram pics. Take a sneak preview into Mikey's world... looks like he has had another MEGA winter! 
My backyard
My snowboard. The Burton Sherlock
Me shredding
My homies. Benji Ritchie, Iikka Backstrom and Dustin Craven
Sled days
The Burton crew
The filmers
My driveway
Jussi is a legend
John Jackson is a hippy
Benji and Iikka are drunks!
My Monster stash
Sled Air!
Benji Ritchie is a sledneck!
Mikkel Bang and chicks
Drunk chick!
Dustin and his beer bong
Me and Jussi. Good times!

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