50 Things for Snowboarders to do in Lockdown

Oh god, we've done one of those 'list' posts that we all hate so much. What's Method coming to, are we slipping? You're probably stuck at home though, so this shameless excuse for an article might provide a welcome break from whatever else it is you've been doing. And you never know, you might find something fun to do. Or not. Fuck you.

1. Try wiping your arse with your other hand. 

2. Re-watch every single Yawgoons.

3. Wear athleisure clothes when you go to buy beer/weed so that cops can’t stop you. This will make you untouchable in any situation.

4. Post old riding shots in your story and then have fun answering hate mail for a day.

5. Prank call Ethan Morgan (+4369918113723)

6. Start a Pornhub channel.

7. Re-read old Method mags. Actually READ them, especially the small print. They’re very funny, and we put a lot of work into them. 

8. Plan a sick trip for when this shit is over.

9. Unfollow people who post home workout videos on Instagram.

10. Wax your body and then your snowboard (in that order) so you can go fast next season on and off the hill. 

11. Draw something random and then send it to us. If we like it, we’ll make it into a sticker. All dick drawings will automatically be accepted.

12. Shave your head.

13. Smoke to forget, drink to remember.

14. Mind shred at least one mountain everyday. 

15. Make banana bread. 

16. Do some stretches.

17. Call your family.

18. Build a fingershred board and blast around your house.

19. Find 2021 catalogues on Google and start planning your outfit for next year. 

20. Wear nothing but stickers for a day.

21. Spy on your neighbours. 

22. Re-watch classic snowboard movies (the Method Virus list is a perfect starting point)

23. Make an elaborate bong.

24. Join random Houseparty chats and behave inappropriately.

25. Think of better April Fools jokes for next year.  

26. Dry hump your snowboard. 

27. Build an obstacle course for your pet, if you don’t have a pet, make an obstacle course for yourself.

28. Start 5 different workout programs, and then give them all up.

29. Ride the fun track on Skate and pretend you’re snowboarding.

30. Stay in your pyjamas for a week. 

31. Stare at the sun.

32. Cry. 

33. Start a one-man black metal project.

34. Cut yourself a splitboard.

35. Clip your pubic hair in the style of Joe Exotic.

36. Legally change your name to your Instagram handle.

37. Make belt sander rollerblades. 

38. Throw water balloons out of your windows. 

39. Mount your bindings to the ceiling and hang upside down like a Corona bat.

40. Use Google earth and Streetview to scope spots. 

41. Camp in the garden. If you don’t have a garden, camp on your balcony. If you don’t have a balcony, camp in the bath.

42. Do some watercolour painting.

43. Start an online fight with @tw_snow

44. Spend a day in silence

45. Start a snowboard magazine.

46. Design a snowpark based on SSX Tricky. Audi Nines might actually build it.

47. Find out what quinoa is. 

48. Smoke 3 joints at once.

49. Question everything.

50. Publicly call us out for doing a list article.

This list was put together by the entire Method staff, except for our Art Director, who was too busy staring at the sun.