A Patagonian Season - Lost in Paradise

Patagonia is the end of the world. A mystical place of raw and almost unbearable beauty where the earth seems to melt into the sky like dripstone. One step too far and you'll fall off the edge of the world into the eternal abyss. Freedom is not just an empty phrase but a promise made by the endless horizon. The stars are so near that you're tempted to reach for them.

Our homie Juan Pablo Bucchioni spends his winters in the dreamscape of Patagonia with his crew La Resistencia. The vibe down South is like legend says it was 20 years ago in our latitudes. You snowboard as hard as you can? You're part of the crew. You won't be labeled a park rat or a yeti, you're just a snowboarder. All part of the tribe. Mahalo. The gods of the mountains will be your only judges.

The vast and untouched terrain makes for a great playground to set up jumps in the pow or build rails on a slow day. No one is holding you back and you'll just do what feels right for the day.

Now that summer starts to take over in Argentina, Juanpi supplied us with a selection of pics to recap his season down South. Be warned:scrolling down may cause painful longing for an adventure in the rugged paradise of Patagonia.

Adreas Barroso strokes the holy pow

Pedro Bidegain takes on a neat line.

No skidoos, no lifts, just untouched terrain as far as the eye can see. Pedro Bidegain and Bruno Soria earn their turns.Thomas Materi with a BS 3 Tucknee in the only park aroundFacundo Huarriz flexes his muscles for a Nosepress. This setup looks like taking DIY to the next level.

Andres Barroso slashes a FS Blunt

Juan the shooter. Thanks for those epic pics again.

 Finding good pow down South ain't always easy. Mati Schmitt makes do with what he can get.More hiking..The team setting up a spot. The rest is history.

Pedro Bidegain - finally we reached zero gravity even if its jut for the blink of an eye.
Here is a little video recap from La Resistencia too: