From VG: Everybody's second favourite German. Benny Urban fled his homeland to live in Salt Lake City these past few months so he could focus on finishing this part. With the perfect mix of style, creativity, and talent, this schnitzel loving guy will be sure to brighten your day with this part. Enjoy Benny's part remixed with a few different shots than his VISITORS part. Supported by Vans, Ashbury, and Howl.

We caught up with Benny while he was over in Salt Lake to find out how his Visitors part was shaping up, talk about the newest Vans project and find out what advice he'd give to his 15-year-old-self. Read on below and be sure to download the latest Videograss masterpiece right here:


Where are you right now? What are your plans for the rest of the winter?

I'm in Salt Lake City right now. Enjoying the winter of the century. Haha. It's been so fun with all this amount of snow. I'll be here for another week and then I'll go to Russia with the Vans Europe guys for the third edition of our "First Layer" Project. After that's done I'll probably come back here and try to film a few more things and just enjoy riding Brighton resort.


You got on Vans towards the end of last winter? How has the welcome to the family been?

Yeah, I got on pretty much right in the beginning of 2016. Vans is for sure one of the coolest families I've ever had the honour to be a part of! They were so supportive and generous with my vision of what I'd wanted to do and what projects I had in mind. Then we all went to Japan together which was awesome! Vans has a great spirit going on!

Are you also filming for the Vans project? Who have you been riding with and where?
So far I've only been on one bigger trip for the Vans movie. Since they started filming for it pretty much at the same time I started filming for Videograss, I had a late start with them. But that trip was so sick man. We went to Germany and Czech Republic. Our crew was Danimals, Dillon Ojo, Cole Navin, Harry Hagan and Cole Martin. Towards the end of the trip, the other Railcrew joined as well. That was Jake Kuzyk, Sam Taxwood, Mike Rav, Darrel Mathes and Skylar Brendt. So you see, almost everyone from the Team was there :) Haha.

Have you got any shots that were a real battle or has it been pretty steady going?
Yeah, I think there were a few that took quite a bit to get. Haha.

You're also filming for VG, will that be a full part too?
Well actually VG was my main project until now I guess. So the movie premier tour is going on at the moment and then it will be available on Itunes mid-march. Haha! Get excited for it :)

You were born and raised in Hamburg, tell us five (or however many you can think of) interesting things about the city we might not know.
Yeah, that is very true. I grew up in the flattest part of all Germany. And all I wanted to do was snowboard.

- The city is really cosmopolitan which I like! 
- After partying Saturday night you can get the best fish sandwiches at the fish market Sunday morning! 
- Hamburg is a city and it's own state
- They call the city the door for the world
- The weather can actually be pretty nice sometimes

© Matt Georges


If you could only go snowboard in one place for the rest of your life, where would that be?
Brighton Resort.

Can you sum up how much fun it is to ride with the whole Nitro Crew?
It's pretty insane because there is so much bundled talent when everyone gets together! So it's super inspiring and when everyone let's go and get loose it's the absolute best.

Where's the best place to eat or drink in SLC? Who do you normally stay with when over there? 
My boys that I hang out with the most here are probably Sam Taxwood and Bob Plumb. Grenier, Meyer and all the Lick the Cat dudes are super fun to hang out with too. My favourite place for food at the moment is a Ramen/ Sushi Spot towards the mountain. It's the best after riding! For drinks probably "The Ruin". Jon Kooley's Bar!

What single piece of advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?
Don't take it too seriously and have fun but stay safe!