Burton US Open Gallery 2012

It was a high-flying show at the 30th edition of Burton US Open at Stratton, Vermont. We got a couple of submissions from a few shooters so we thought we'd pile them into one radical gallery for your enjoyment. Welcome to Mount Green! Photo by Michael Cohen"Hair" we are at the top of the pipe with Shaun White! Photo by Nic AlegreWarming up that 1st wall that the crowd loves so much with Juan Blanco, MEGA backside air. Photo by Nic Alegre
Clean 2nd wall slob air from Mr. White in all black. Photo by Nic AlegreDanny Davis put up a good fight with Jerry Garcia on his side, blazing that Dead Head logo on his board. Photo by Nic AlegreDanny turning up the volume, look at that amplitude! Photo by Nic AlegreKevin Pearce was there cheering on his Frends and the rest of the riders. Photo by Micheal CohenWhite was stronger than Black. Zack putting up his best aerials in the pipe. Photo by Nic AlegreGreg Bretz pumping out a good effort for fifth. Photo byTrevor MurphyAndrew Mutty keeping traditions alive and poaching the pipe, method on a swallow tail, fuck yea Mutty! Photo by Micheal CohenHoly shit! Ryo Aono from Japan gets mega man amplitutde. Photo by Trevor MurphyHannah Teter checking the view from double overhead before her gnarly slam in the finals. Photo by Trevor MurphyKelly Clark hanging with her good buddies, the clouds. Photo by Trevor MurphyShaun doing some frontside wizard shit. Photo by Trevor MurphyMystery man tranny slasher. Photo by Nic AlegreDank Ass and Brad Clarke from Rad Collector. Photo by Michael CohenThe Washed Up Cup! Photo by Michael CohenChris Copley showed up as the Washed Up Cup announcer. Photo by Michael CohenTricia Byrnes and Maria McNulty with a nice layer of frosting at the Washed Up Cup. Photo by Michael Cohen.Our big homie and the main man at Rad Collector Timbo Baggins and Brad Clarke kicking it with some fam at the Washed Up Cup. Photo by Michael CohenJeff and badass photo dawg Craig Wetherby hanging by the decks with DJ A-Dog! Photo by Michael CohenBC getting down with the Gregs (Bretz and Fernandez) at the after party! Photo by Michael CohenTravelin' Dan! Photo by Michael CohenNothing like a fresh pair of socks, Louie Vito knows! Photo by Michael CohenMethod Man was getting all lifted...Photo by Michael Cohen...then he started levitating during his show, M-E-T-H-O-D MAAAAN! Photo by Michael Cohen

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