DIYX STRT JAM - Fridge's Perspective

DIYX STRT JAM was unique in many ways. There was fire, a semi-legal motorbike winch, and free Man & Wolf beer. Pretty sure you don’t get that at XGames. One of the coolest things about this event was the variety of snowboarders in attendance. We had local kids, international street riders, and also a handful of Olympians! For the most part, the Olympians were day drinking and just hanging out, but a handful of them strapped in and showed that the kudos of riding at STRT JAM outweighed the risk of bringing shame on their countries due to Olympic injury. Fridge was one of them. On day two he also took on the role of Chief Liaison Officer, acting as a link between riders and media. The spot was hectic and riders were flying in all directions, with some winching up the rails while others were trying to ride down them, resulting in a couple of near misses. We needed a solution, otherwise there was a high chance that someone would actually die. Hero that he is, Fridge selflessly stepped in and helped bring the madness down to a safe-ish level. Once the motorbike fumes and beer haze had finally faded, we hit him up and fired a few questions his way.


© Theo Acworth Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir


Would you bring your family to DIYX STRT JAM next year?


If you could ask diyx strt jam one question, what would it be?

How are you doing emotionally?

When diyx strt jam was born, what were its first words?

Anal Juice


DIYX or Olympics?

Five more years, and you will probably see DIYX STRT JAM in the Olympics.

IF DIYX STRT JAM was a person, what kind of person would it be?

Half man, 1/3 bird, 20% Wonder Woman and 100ml of pure tequila.

If DIYX STRT JAM is the answer, what is the question?

Who has the biggest dick?


© Theo Acworth Flo Corzelius


Your phone rings at 3am, caller ID is DIYX STRT JAM. You answer the phone, what does it say?

It’s Sparrow Knox’s voice, singing “I’m like a bird, gonna fly away, I don’t know where my phone is, and I lost all my homies.”

If DIYX STRT JAM was a car, what car would be be?

A lawnmower with a V8 engine and those snowplowing machines on the back the sprays snow into a wave. It would also be painted yellow with the German Post Office logo on the side.




If DIYX STRT JAM was a colour, what colour would it be?

Deep space intergalactic blue turned on hot purple indigo fire flames, with a hint of red.

What does DIYX STRT JAM need more of?

Monster Energy should put their Monster girls next to all the rails and set them on fire.

What does DIYX STRT JAM need less of?

Less outruns, so you can smash directly into the crowd

DIYX STRT JAM hands you a box. What’s inside it?

I would tell you what’s in the box, but once you let everyone know what’s in the box it’s no fun anymore, so you’ve got to keep it a secret and you have to come and experience it yourself.

© Theo Acworth Hellraisers. Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir, Henna Ikola, Tess Coady & Fridge (wearing Tess's hat that she was given by Torah Bright when she was 14)