Method 'Movie Night' Recap and Photos

Photos by Will Radula-Scott & Theo Acworth

Well that was sick night and we couldn't be more stoked to have seen so many people show up at the Leo Kino Cinema, in the heart of Innsbruck on Saturday night to watch numerous amounts of snowboard films. Even in this day and age of 15sec attention spans, to still have 500+ turn up to sit for a good 1.5hrs of back to back snowboarding on the big screen shows the support and love for full snowboard movies is still there. So thanks ya'll to all that came down. Saturday night also marked a milestone for us having been supplying the World Wide Web with the very 'Realist' snowboarding for the past 25 years and 20 years of printing magazines, so if you were there we hope you managed to grab a copy of our latest mag issue 20.1 which is out now!  

A packed house at Leo Kino.

If you weren't able to make it or the night is now just a faint blur, then we can remind you that we showed some epic features, opening it up with Ivika Jurgenson's solo full street part 'Honey'. That was then followed by Vans 'Triple' which incorporated 3 seperate parts, a street section, backcountry and resort. Then we got to see a 'Teaser Movie' from The Scandalnavians as they reach the halfway mark of their 2 year project that we're working with then on. From what we saw the full movie is going to be insane! Following that was Beyond Medals 'Bronze Age', before the 'Losers' from Lobster Snowboards turned it up for their team movie. Finally the piece de resistance, a project we've been working on with our homie from over the pond, Zak Hale. Zak had actually spend most of his winter over here filming for his first solo project 'TRASH' in the streets of Helsinki and a few other spots. Joined along for the ride with a bunch of other bros such as Jesse Augustinus, Harrison Gordon, Carlos Garcia Knight, Chris Genier and Ethan Morgan. Thanks to all the riders that made it over to Innsbruck, all your movies and part where amazing. It's always rad to watch snowboard movies and then share some beers after with the riders, filmers and producers that put in the huge efforts and made it all happen.

The Vans crew and Scandis taking to the stage.

Then it was on to Kater Noster for the Afterparty where we had DJ Anal Juice aka Ethan Morgan and David Djite hit the decks and get the party firing up! To help remind us of what went down that night here's a collection of photos...

Cees and Theo filling up before the big night.


DSCF0026 copy.jpg 1
Zak going for the Austrian 'Vegan' option.


Sebbe De Buck copy.jpg
Sebbe De Buck, bruised but still looking pretty.
DSCF0039 copy.jpg
Christian Kirschi was on another level of hyped before getting into to cinema.
Steve Küberl & Michi Schatz.jpg
Steve Kürberl & Michi Schatz.


The cinema was filled....twice!


Theo spit some words to start off the night. 


Before Halldor got his hands on the mic.
DSCF0121 copy.jpg
They all had a little sumin' to say, plus chuck some freebies out.
The dutch getting their hands on the new mag.


David D & Sebbe De Buck.
Iceland representing.


Chriso & Zak.


Flo Corzelius & Ethan Morgan.jpg
Flo Corzelius & Ethan Morgan.


Max Glatzl givin' it the bird.


Raffi Kossmann & Kas Lemmens.jpg
Raffi Kossmann & Kas Lemmens


Benny Urban & Simon Houlind.jpg
Benny Urban & Simon Houlind.


We reckon Zak had a good night.


Halldor  -


Alex Taferner, Theo and Joris Doorn.



DSCF0148 copy.jpg
DJ Anal Juice and David Djite, lighting it up!
Marco Morandi...Lit.


Big final thank you to Blue Tomato, Monster Energy and Vans along with Leo Kino and Kater Noster for helping make this night awesome.