Double Double: Johnny & Gus

From working with Think Thank to Videograss. From Cradle of Filth to Elvis. From beer drinking to tee-totalling. Johnny Miller and Gus Engle march to their own beat and from the looks of it, it's a damn good one. Time for a Double Double with extra cheese with Gus Mah & Johnny, bitches!

According to the Videograss site it looks like you're in Alaska, Gus. How's it going up there?
It's nice and quiet.

Are you from AK, or do you just love it up there? 
Both! I'm from a little town named Ninilchick.

Gus Mah is a pretty kinky cat, home field advantage front fiddy-fiddy Photo: Alex Mertz

Are you from AK, or do you just love it up there?
Both! I'm from a little town named Ninilchick.

Gus, 50-50 to crazy close-out into the ice rink, sketchyyyyy... Photo: Bob Plumb  

Also looks like you came up on a pretty sweet spot. How many cats do you have now?
It's so peaceful, I've got 9 acres in the woods on the side of a mountain. I have two black cats. 

Gus blasts a NASTY melon over the fence and into the bank. Photo: Bob Plumb

I know you get ragged for this a lot, but what's the longest you've ever gone without showering?
I suppose I've gone some long stretches, just some left over bad habits from my transient van-living days. I'm a little cleaner and less adventuresome now. Mostly spend my days reading and playing music.

Dropping! Gus in Anchorage, AK. Artsy Fartsy Photo: Alex Mertz

If you're not already there, when are you heading up to AK, Johnny?
Some of the VG guys have already made it up there but I usually head up there in December. Things could change though, who knows.

Johnny dabbles on the Dark Side. Photo: Andy Wright

How awesome is the Bone Zone?
So awesome! Every time I go up there I feel like one of the Lost Boys from Neverland. In the center of the Bone Zone it seems like a small village with some small huts, "Club Moya", "Club Moleya", and not sure what Alex calls his house but it's there. Endless snowboard lines and an awesome place to hang out with your friends.

Johnny stylin' and wildin', 5-0 to fake Photo: Andy Wright

Has Gus been there yet?
Gus has not been there yet but he is on his way to SLC very soon. I'm sure he will be psyched on it.

Johnny, 50-50 to tip grab tail tap gap out. Wow, that was a mouthful.... Photo: Andy Wright

It seems like you and he (Gus) are pretty tight friends, how'd you two cross paths?
Yeah, really good friends. We met I think in 2002 at HCSC one summer. We've been friends ever since.

This spot takes 100% commitment, Johnny knows that hesitation equals devastation. Photo: Andy Wright

Johnny, how'd you meet the music genre known as Unholy Black Metal?
When I was about 12 my older brother's friend showed me some more modern black metal bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth. I also loved Slayer, but I hadn't really pushed my metal musical taste up until some years ago. Now I'm into lots of different black, death, thrash, and speed metal. I love that shit! Blastbeats and fast guitar riffs!

Things don't always work out as planned.... Johnny enjoying a stair massage. Photo: Andy Wright

What are some tasty metal bands?
Yeah, I'll list a few good ones I've been listening to a lot recently: DarkThrone, Pest, Satanic Warmaster, Dodheimsgard-Kronet Til Konge album, Church Bizarre, Taake, Behexen, Darkmoon Warrior.

Johnny frontboard transfer thru the elbow Photo: Andy Wright

And Gus, any jams you've been hyped on lately?
Lots of Elvis lately for some reason or another. 

Lacrosse chicas ain't got nothin' on Gus Mah! Photo: Andy Wright

Are you down with metal, Gus or are you more into the whole Buddy Holly, more classic type of rock? 
I appreciate all forms of music, but I mostly listen to folk, blues, and classic rock and roll. I feel like rock and roll is coming around again finally. Arcade Fire makes some beautiful songs I think! Tallest Man On Earth too.

Easy steezy, Gus sidecountry melon in AK Photo: Bob Plumb

You guys are in the same film crew this year, have the good times been flowing regardless of whether your snowboarding or not?
(Johnny) I enjoy the summers just as much as the winter, but Gus and I usually don't hang out as much as we should in the summer. AK is just too far.
(Gus) Yes, lots of adventures! This summer I got to skate Barcelona, go surf in Alaska, see gypsy towns in Berlin and lots of other magical exploits!

Speaking of being off the board, what's you guys' favorite booze?
(Johnny) I enjoy me some beer sometimes, but I'm a little on the boring side. Alcohol is really poisonous in my body.
(Gus) I don't drink anymore, but I like tea.

Fuck it, just chuck it. Johnny double set melon Photo: Andy Wright

Are there any new guys on the crew you're hyped to have with VG this year?
(Johnny) Alex, both Jakes, can't think of everyone, it's late, ha. But I am happy to film with all these guys.
(Gus) Jake and (Zac) Marben! 

Fuck your social norms, Gus picks his nose into the bank Photo: Andy Wright

You guys have had the pleasure of working with ThinkThank too, are there guys you'd want to recruit over to the VG side?
(Johnny) Haha, I don't know if I want to step on Burtner's toes at all. Saying the VG side is funny cause it makes it sound like the dark side. Maybe we are the dark side but I still like to dabble with the Think Thank crew cause they are all my good homies.
(Gus) Scott Stevens my favorite snowboarder hands down, and Larson's a beast!

Front blunt to regs, so hot right now! Johnny stacking that ham Photo: Andy Wright

Old school, new school, I didn't go to school... Johnny, Japan tweaker to wallride Photo: Andy Wright

The Dark Side or the Light Side, which one would you guys rather be on?
(Johnny) Ha, well saying what I just said, the dark side and dabble?
(Gus) Nothing's real. Our senses trick us into believing in the physical world, dark and light are just part of this false perception. Ha! Well, maybe not. I'll pick light so I can see this beautiful illusion.    

Interview by Danny Griffin