Fresh Meat: Victor Loron

Deep in the Three Valleys in France, amongst the wasted English people and the "bougie" Russians, there really aren't that many people who send it on a shred stick like this young man, named Victor Loron. His French frog meat is fresher than ever, so look for him sending it airmail if you are ever in DC's Area 43 park in Mottaret. Victor will leave you saying "oulala!" over and over again, guaranteed.

What kind of meat are you?

My name is Victor Loron. I'm a manatee from Courchevel,France. I have been boarding since I was 11-years old and I'm 21 now.

Would you describe yourself as a bag of bones or meaty?
Although I'm a young manatee, I am devoid of fat. I am sort of a light-weight midget.

One person's meat is another person's poison. Which are yours?
I like to enjoy pow or park sessions with my homies and then mellow out. I can't stand crowded lines, olives or mushrooms.Victor doing his morning method stretches before taking it to DC's Area 43. Photo by David ManaudWhat makes you still feel like fresh meat on the scene?
The fact that I'm still unknown on the snowboard scene! I just want to progress and to learn a bunch of tricks everyday.

Have you ever been put through the meat grinder?

Unfortunately I've hurt myself a couple of times (concussions, broken ribs and jaw, twisted knee and ankle ligaments). The meat grinder rules!

Once you get past your spring chicken phase, where do you imagine yourself after you beef up and get older?
I would Imagine myself traveling through islands and catching waves till the winter comes, then ride the mountains.Victor spinning his propeller in Mottaret on the BS 9. Photo by Andoni EpeldeWhat is the meat and potatoes of snowboarding?
It's for sure just having a blast shredding the park on a bluebird day with my buddies. I also enjoy the "pushing yourself" part and competing as well.

Who would you consider a fine aged meat?
I would say Travis Rice is a fine aged meat, but he is still sending it so hard!Midnight Meribel pole jam rodeo with a melon snatch. Photo by David ManaudDo you have any bones to pick?
Basically, I don't like people who aren't humble. You know, the kind of people who can't shut their mouths when they should.

When was the last time you thought you were dead meat? 
Once upon a time I woke up around noon hungover and realized that I puked while I was sleeping… I didn't really feel alive that day.

Who puts the meat on your plate?
DC Shoes & Von Zipper.Thanks guys!
Victor letting everyone know who pays his electricity bill. Have a good season, bud! Photo by Romain Bourgeais