Homies III FULL MOVIE with Extra Butter

This infamous crew is coming through for their third lap under the Homies flag directed by Nicolas Droz and like a terminally ill patient, they just keep getting sicker and sicker. Last season the squad advanced beyond French borders and corraled up some talent from foreign hills far and wide, including Niels Schack, Wojtek Pawlusiak and Benedikt Nadig. The movie has been out since this fall but for those of you who haven't had the chance to cop a copy, METHOD is here to save the day! This Sunday we will host the online premiere of Homies III, with Extra Butter Q&A avec monsieur Droz himself on the side! So don't blow it, this Sunday, January 23 @ 12 noon CET (that's central European time, for you non-Euros), shit is gonna get craze with mad stunts by Wojtek Pawlusiak, Fred Couderc, Aymeric Tonin, Benedikt Nadig, Chris Weber, Pierre Rué, Cedric Giovanola, David Livet,Niels Shack, Kuba Ditkowski, Tonton Holland, Corey Noble, Margot Rozies and Nicolas Droz.

Here it is, enjoy fuckers!!


How was it working with a more international crew this season?

It was good! New people, new motivation! It's nice to have people that aren't French or Swiss.

Name some of the cities that were visited to bring back bangers for the movie.
Katovice, Stockholm, Thonon les Bains.

What's better for handrails, France or Switzerland?
They are both good, maybe Switzerland.

Best European country for handrails (not Scandinavia)?

What Stash do you guys ride and how you say it compares to others if you have ridden them?
I haven't ridden the other Stashes, the one in Avoriaz is really nice though! You can ride it in any kind of weather and they build new stuff every year.

What's the biggest trick that was landed on the Avoriaz road gap and by who?
FS 7 Lien by Aymeric Tonin.

Most brutal bail in the movie?
Kuda had some good ones but Morgan's slam on the yellow split rail is pretty impressive. We call it the "car accident"!

Biggest spin in the movie?

Who has the narrowest stance in the crew?
Probably Margot, but Pierre had a pretty weird stance this season.

Did  Morgan ask permission to jib the white bus? Has anyone ever contacted you after seeing you ride some public or private property and try to take you to court?
No permission to do the bus. It was in Val d'Isere at the bus depot. And no, I've never heard back from people about trespassing and I hope it stays that way!

Did anyone not have bails for their intro part? Anyone stuck on perma-stomp?

Benedikt Nadig barely ever slams!

Who speaks better English, the Polish or the French?
I would say it's about even, although the Poles have their own exotic accent!

Does Kuba get hurt a lot or is he indestructible?
Kuba is real strong!! The slams you see in his intro happened over 5 days of shooting, he took at least one big slam a day! Kuba is rad!

Did that big powder cliff bail in the teaser actually have a chance of getting landed?
In the Homies 2 teaser, you mean? Yeah, Aymeric wants his revenge!!! But looking at the conditions this year, I'm not sure it's gonna happen...

Pierre Rue seems to be the punching bag of the crew, non? Is it cause he's young or does he deserve it?
He is young and he deserves it, haha. Pierre is a good kid !

Do you prefer being more behind than in front of the camera these days?

I like both! It's a good feeling to land a good trick, it's the same feeling when you get a good shot filming someone (maybe even stronger).