Method Awards 11/12

Another season has come to an end and that can only mean one thing: time for the world's most awesomely irrelevant recognition of snowboarding amazingness, yep it's the Method Awards! So get ready to waste most of your day (week?) finding out who blew our hair back this year. Without further ado (cuz this post is already long enough), here's our winners for the 11/12 winter, your beer can trophies are in the mail, guys! Not really, though...

The Chocolate Lab Award: Scott Stevens cuz we love him a whole bunch, just like the family pooch. He lands all his mind-boggling tricks with frightening consistency plus he really loves dogs. Holla atcha boiiiii!

The KISS Award: Goes to Kevin Backström for pounding more chicks this season than Gene Simmons did on all of the KISS tours combined.

The Chimney Award: Brendan Gerard for always being on the roof  and smoking a lot. For real though, Gerry is always hanging out on roofs. From the way he takes off of them we almost had to call this the Santa Claus Award. Whatever the award name, this kid deserves it, bravo!

The Flava Flav Award: Chris Grenier for being the biggest hype man at the spot and always letting you know what time it is with his hammers galore! YEAH, BOY!

The James Bond Award: Mikkel Bang for killing it with unflappable style. Bang Bang was born with so much natural talent it's almost disgusting to watch. Mikkel doesn't have to compete and when he looks at the camera you somehow get the feeling he is telling everyone to go fuck themselves. And THAT is why we love him.

The Jerry Garcia Award: Danny Davis for being a super-hairy grateful hippy and always ready to rock! Travelin' Dan sets "Fire on the Mountain" while sending floaty mega airs with the Dead Head blazing on his base.
- Runner Up: Eric Jackson

The John McClane Award: Knut Eliassen for being a bald-headed badass. Knut is a Team Manager now but he still points it in the face of danger, and he always makes everyone around him smile. Yippee ki yay, motherfucker!

The David Duchovny Award: Ulrik Badertscher takes the award for craziest womanizer/sex addict/party animal/badass. Oh, and he's really, really good at snowboarding too.

The Beavis & Butthead Award
: Dylan Alito & Brandon Hobush for always having a head-banging good time together. They are not role models, they're not even human, they ride like they are cartoons. Some of the things they do could cause a person to get hurt, expelled, arrested, possibly even deported. To put it another way: Don't try this shit at home.
- Runners up: Rolf Nylinder & Viktor Wiberg

The Jacques Dutronc Award: Arthur Longo for being a handsome little Frenchie with smooth style on and off his board.

The David Blaine Award: Denis Leontyev for pulling impossible moves out of nowhere and making it all look oh, so easy.

The Prince Adam Award: JP Walker for looking like the Master of the Universe himself and still swinging his blade after all these years, crushing Skeletor and whatever terrain in his way.

The Daggers Award: D.O.P.E. for being the crew that your mom would most likely forbid you from hanging out with... or else!
- Runners Up: Gun Rack Pack

The Einstein Award: Kazu Kokubo for redefining the laws of physics with mega-tweaked methods and insane backcountry lines, proving that the speed of awesome travels at a constant rate.

The Hit Girl Award: Joelle "JJ" Jüchli for being like the little pink-haired ninja in Kick-Ass and busting some serious butt even when surrounded by a bunch of bad guys.
- Runner Up: Rashida Aoulad

The Dr. Phil Award: Austin Smith & Bryan Fox for doling out some really good advice. DRINK WATER!

The Mary Shelley Award: Corey Smith for Frankenstein-ing together some of the wildest creations to ever hit the snow with his Spring Break Snowboards. Surf's up, monsters!

The Juicy J Award: Danny Kass for making that Kobe Bryant paper with some big sponsors and big moves, look out for a full Dank Ass part in the Absinthe movie this fall!

The Eastbound & Down Award: Henry Jackson for best new show, if you still haven't peeped the wet and wild good times of Jackson's Hole you are blowing it. This man was clearly born to be in front of a camera! Mad props to the guy behind the camera too, our homie David Doom!

The Chuck Norris Award: Pat Moore for being a badass redhead that roundhouse punches into submission anything that crosses his path when he is strapped into his snowboard.

The Derek Zoolander Award: Chris Sörman for throwing out enough Blue Steel to melt all the glaciers for good.

The Assad Bashar Award: The FIS for being like a dictator with all the power and not caring whatsoever about what the whole world (of snowboarding) is asking you and protesting against. The only people who like you any more are the Russians and that's only because it's good for their business, i.e. the Olympics!

The Rick Ross Award: Torstein Horgmo for being a BOSS! Plus dude produces some heavy beats and his edits are tight. Tight like a tiger.
- Runner Up: Fredi Kalbermatten

The Strange Brew Award: Phil Jacques aka Philly Cheese Jakes for being the hoser who threw down the heaviest Canadian hams, I mean bacon this season. Tabarnac, this boy is good!
- Runner Up: Layne Treeter or Frank April, we can't make up our minds

The Holy Grail Award: The De le Rues for showing that divine shred talent has run in their family for many generations. Plus, they come from Southwest France, isn't that where Mary Magdalene ran off to continue the Holy blood line?
- Runners Up: The Jacksons

The Inglourious Basterds Award: The Random Bastards for facing the odds and standing up for what they believe in, swinging and smashing their way to fame.
- Runners up: The Loonatics

The Gigi Rüf Award: goes to Gigi Rüf, duh. There can only be one Gigi, ergo none other than Gigi himself can receive this award. We love you, man!

The Bruce Banner Award: Louif Paradis for being a smart, reserved fella who suddenly Hulks out on his shred stick, savaging puny rails and crushing massive gaps all over town.
- Runner Up: Boris Bühler

The Timo Kaukonen Award: Toni Kerkelä for handling the heat on the cold Finnish streets. Toni Kerks is the real fucking deal.

The Big Brother Award: Travis Rice for always having cameras follow him and microphones pointed at him wherever he goes. From his latest opus The Art of Flight to the ground-breaking Supernatural, it's been all eyes on TRice this year, and deservedly so. Travis is a giant amongst men!
- Runners up: The Helgasons, because their website is the biggest thing in snowboarding. Oh, and because they made a movie called Sexual Snowboarding and that alone is reason enough to give them an award. Speaking of which...

The Snakes on a Plane Award: The Helgasons & Thunder for coming up with the best movie title in the history of snowboarding. Plus, it was entertaining as hell.

The Teddy Roosevelt Award: Jed Anderson for speaking softly and carrying a big stick. Jed keeps a low profile but when he steps onto a board his actions speak quite loudly indeed.

The Erik the Red Award: Danny Larsen for being the first European rad enough to break through and colonize the fair and distant shores of Videograss-land.

The Jean-Michel Basquiat Award
: Sebi Müller for having more sensitivity in his pinky than most people have in their whole bodies. Sebi makes snowboarding look like an art form and he even has his own art collective, the JRBK.

The Weiss Wurst Award
: Dani Rajcsanyi for having the ahem, balls to whip out his würstl & knödels for the whole of the Internet to see. Plus, his style is completely unique and he is a fabelhaft dresser. We'll say it one more time, snowboarding needs more Dani Rash!

The Alphonse Capone Award
: E-Man Anderson for keeping it G-code and "giving the people what they want". Shit's like the St. Valentine's Day Massacre every time homie straps into his board.

The WTF Award: Bode Merrill for most collective "what the fucks" uttered throughout the season. Bode-man was on some twisted shit this year, bending minds with his preternatural skills. Also, harsh zeaches to scorpion!

Rookie of the Year: Mike Ravelson. Not only did Rav knock out a full part in the CAPiTA movie, he consistently amazed us by out-Houdini'ing even the most renowned wizards in snowboarding. The future is  bright for this young Shredi!

Female Rider of the Year
: Jessica Kimura for absolutely crushing and dominating, from one of the only full female parts in a big production to her own web series, Danger P is pushing women's snowboarding into uncharted waters with style and determination. If she can stay healthy Jess will change the game completely.

Male Rider of the Year: Nicolas Müller. Two-song part with Absinthe, stacked with ridiculous lines and massive all-natural hits. Incredible cameo/part in The Art of Flight, high-definition all-mountain destruction. Real Snow Backcountry… WINNER! Oh, and that 3rd place finish at Supernatural. There is no doubt, this was Nico's year, and no one makes snowboarding look better.