Cover Stories - Method Mag 23.3

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Insights into the cover with Tatu Toivanen 

"It was late May and we had been filming for a couple of weeks already and the snow was melting. We had done all the spots we had in mind and were just trying our luck to find anything. We were googling with Jarssi to just find something, and we found a railway tunnel nearby in google maps. We had nothing else to do so we checked it out. It was in the middle of the forest, and there was only a private road to get to the spot. We got there, and we couldn't believe our eyes! Sketchy ledge with a huge drop next to a railway tunnel sounds like a spot to me! It was late spring, so basically all the snow had melted already, but there was just enough snow for the landing. For the take-off we had to dig the snow from the shadow side of some rocks and carry it in Ikea bags. The place was also full of snakes that were just waking up after winter. It was a three-day mission to get it all done, and on the second day, after building for probably more than 12 hours, a lady came by and said we were on her property and we should leave right away. We were talking and stuff, and she ended up being super nice after she understood what we were doing. She didn't give us straight permission, but it helped us to have Rene and his Olympic performance just a few weeks earlier. At first, Ylfa didn't say a word about hitting the spot. After Rene did it, she was curious if she could do it as well, and of course she could! After some tries, she lands a perfect fifty. Pretty much the most perfect ending for the street "season" or whatever. All the snow was gone, and we just got one of our gnarliest spots done. One day later and it wouldn't have been possible."

- Tatu Toivanen

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Method Mag 23.3 Cover - By Tatu Toivanen