Method Movie Premiere - Snowboard Garden Fest

The Snowboard Garden Festival kicked off last night in Grenoble with the Method Movie premiering that night. The team came from all different ends of Europe to meet in a cozy apartment in the centre of Grenoble to sink as many beers as possible before introducing the movie. 

The lads, Method 'father figure' Chriso, mag editor Mike and the boys Max, Flo, Antti, Jonte and Ethan.
Max stoked to get his hand on his cover

Then it was off to the venue and time to find where all the free beer was at. The Postland theory had hit the night off strong with their new movie 'The Fourth Wall' and 2-year all female project 'Full Moon' also had a hyped reception.

Antti and Benny Urban. Benny's shots in the Van's Japan shot film were insane!

The Method Movie was of course the most anticipated movie of the night...can we say that? yer we'll say that! It was sick watching it back with the team and so many spectators on a huge screen. We were pumped.

The Frenchies/English Joe where stoked on the movie.
Raving selfies
Victor De Le Rue posing.
Flo and Chriso hyped.
A Postland sign off... we out!