Posse Page: A Candlelight Dinner With SNACKBREAK

Snackbreak is a young coalition of Finnish and Canadian riders (yep, that's like the new Axis-of-Evil so better get used to it) who joined forces in order to dominate the board world with their snacks and breaks. They just recently dropped the teaser for their new movie project HONYOS and so we figured we'd ask them what a HONYOS is and if it tastes good.

To get things straight: Snackbreak is originally a Canadian crew with a significant Finnish minority?
The whole thing started in Whistler in Canada, but the crew is (and always has been) pretty international. Especially after going to Australia and Finland we’ve got a couple of new guys on board, and now we have people from Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Australia filming with us.
Joonas Eloranta's got a black belt in Hippie Jumps

How did you guys meet up and who's part of the crew?
Snowboarding brought us together. The original riders met in Whistler just lapping the park and then we’ve had more people joining in from here and there through our travels to Australia and Finland. Basically, anyone that has been filming with us a bit more and is as stoked on boarding as we are has kinda just automatically became a part of the project. The original Snackbreak riders are Tommi Ollikainen, Danny Arnold (nowadays a full-time dad), Johan Rosen, Lucas Robinson, Andy Stewart, Jesse Denham-Greer, Lucio Doglioni-Majer and Oli Kimmich, and the new-comers are Andy James, Joonas Eloranta, Samu Mikkonen and Devan Peeters.

What's a HONYOS? Can you eat it and if so how does it taste?
It’s an Australian traditional delicacy. We definitely recommend trying it if you ever go there. A fulfilling sweet taste will stay on tongue for a nice while afterwards. [Editors note: we could not verify this statement]

Where did you guys spend your season filming for HONYOS ?
The most of the crew was riding and filming in Finland where Tommi, Joonas and Samu live. There are so many crazy good street spots around. Some of the riders couldn’t make all the way to Finland, and stacked in Canada instead.

Strong-arm tail press

What do you reckon would be a fusion Snack of the Finno-Canadian cuisine? Poutine with vodka?
Vodka poutine sounds deadly. I think reindeer caesar with blueberries and meatballs would be a hit too.

What food did you guys run on when on the road and filming?
Cheap is the key word. Oli’s always been a big fan of fast food, Jesse loves a manly steak dinner, Andy will eat anything he gets his hands on. So does Johan, just with a lower budget. I think Jopi and Samu are the only ones with proper jobs, so they can afford some better stuff. Tommi and Lucio are trying to eat a bit healthier being a vegetarian and all that. That sometimes just means leaving the meat out from the meals tho.

If you could choose: Fancy candlelight dinner or Mc Donalds in the car?
Candles are nice. Fuck McDonald’s.

Do Finland and Canada share any other commonalities except for minus degrees throughout the entire year?
Everyone likes Lucio, beer and ice-hockey in both countries. There’s Trailer Park Boys with subtitles on Finnish TV too, which is pretty sick.

A place called home. Shot by Esa Ylijaasko

What's your motivation to film for a snowboard video?
We don’t really know what else to do. We tried to go to schools and get real jobs and all that but snowboarding just seems like a better time. It’s a great way for self-expression too. And that feeling when you land a trick that you’re not 100% sure about is so sick too - or even filming it.

Who pays for all the fun?
We got some filming budget from Australian Powderpak Parks and Fyve, super stoked for that!

Big thanks also goes to Canadian E.I. and Finnish Kela which are the organisations paying all the unemployment/student funds. Other than that, all the riders just work their asses off off-season to afford being unemployed when it’s on.

Is there ever going to be a boy who swims faster than a shark?
We think Andy James would have a great chance to become one. He has a special swimming device in his foot - the skin of the two of his toes have somehow grown together. Sharks are very scary tho.